I’m on a bit of a high this week, enjoying my first national platform.  Thank you to journalist Rachel Hills for including my Compassionate Authenticity work in her article about women’s sexuality.  Please check it out!  The drug industry would like us to believe that low libido is best treatedContinue Reading

I have a hard time with anger. Specifically, with delivering it. I work pretty hard to contain anger, assess it, make sure it’s fair, find gentle ways to express it, and just avoid it altogether. Sometimes I find myself, jaw clenched, head exploding, blood pulsing…and silent. SILENT. Even with peopleContinue Reading

Find Your Authentic Self: A Day of Transformation and Healing.  Join me on September 13th from 9-4:00 for this one day workshop that I am offering at the beautiful and inspiring Knoll Farm Retreat Center in Fayston, VT.  We will utilize a powerful group process called ISIS Wheel work toContinue Reading

We don’t get to pick and choose which emotions are part of our emotional repertoire. We’re born with them all. They’re all supposed to be in us. That’s why we came that way. It’s oh so tempting to try to only feel the good stuff. We repress anger, we tryContinue Reading

Have you heard the audio clip of Felecia Sanders speaking from Chief Magistrate James Gosnell’s courtroom to Dylann Roof? She survived Roof’s brutal attack on her bible study group in Charleston, South Carolina, but her son died there at Roof’s hand. And she offered Roof forgiveness. She was not theContinue Reading

When I started writing a couple of months ago, it felt GREAT. I felt inspired, empowered, playful, and revitalized. I eagerly and gleefully carved out time to write like I was stealing cookies from a cookie jar. By the time I had posted my third entry, I had four additionalContinue Reading

Last year, my 10-year-old daughter, Liza, came home from school one day bursting with excitement.  “The 5th and 6th grade dance is next week!”  This was HUGE news.  As the week progressed, I could hear Liza and her friends making plans for the pre-party, the post-party sleepover, the hair-dos, andContinue Reading

By Dr. Lindsay B. Jernigan Right around the same time that I was developing my thoughts about Compassionate Authenticity and daydreaming about beginning to write, I picked up Brene Brown’s book,The Power of Vulnerability. I only read a few pages, but immediately I was heart broken. It seemed as thoughContinue Reading