I offer therapeutic intensives focused on creative intervention for rapid growth. 

I weave together traditional psychological practice with energetic attunement, coaching modalities, and the teaching of highly accessible and easy to learn intuitive tools to foster emotional, cognitive and spiritual well-being.

Intensives are typically two hours long, but can span anywhere from 90 minutes to 5 hours, as you choose. They can be booked on an as-needed basis, or as a regularly scheduled series. You can pre-book a short-term program, such as six intensives scheduled over the course of 6 or 12 weeks, or a long-term program, such as one intensive per month for a year. Pre-booking a series can increase the power of your intentions and the depth of your commitment to the process, setting the stage for deeply transformative work.

For Couples

Intensives are an excellent model for couples work. The longer sessions, combined with the freedom for creative interventions, allows for depth and efficiency. Intensives can be used to deepen emotional intimacy, reawaken sexual connection, recover from affairs and other watershed crises in the relationship, break old patterns that are leading to unhappiness or dissatisfaction, rediscover your joy in being together, make decision about whether or not to stay in partnership, and much more.

I offer 2-hour intensives virtually or in my office in Waterbury, Vermont. I also offer one-day or multi-day intensives in Waterbury, or we can explore alternative locations to create a more immersive retreat experience. I also travel to work with couples in their homes if appropriate space is available. This is often a good option for high-profile couples wanting to dive deep while maintaining the utmost in privacy and efficiency. To explore the options that’s the best fit for you, please reach out via email.

Women’s Awakening

I offer individual intensives for women interested in personal growth and self-actualization. Intensives can be used to awaken the power of your authentic self, help connect you to your inner voice and guidance, remove old blocks and limiting stories, invite in your creativity and sensuality, and overcome messages and demands that inhibit you. You can gain clarity about who you are, what you desire, and what path you want to be on in your relationships, career, and creative pursuits.

Individual and Couples Therapy

I also offer standard individual and couples therapy that can be billed to insurance, in most cases.  My therapeutic approach is active and relational, and I am transparent and direct about what I am seeing and doing in the room.

I draw on Interpersonal Neurobiology, Family Systems and Humanistic Therapy, and Feminist and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Compassionate Authenticity, my model of transformative change, guides my intentional and goal directed use of these various clinical modalities. My work helps people who are interested in increasing their vitality, their joyfulness, and their intimacy; reawakening their sensuality and creativity; and expanding their sense of pleasure and fun in their lives.

Please contact me to learn more about scheduling in-person, phone, or virtual services.