Supervision at my Waterbury, VT office, or virtually via Doxy or Zoom

My Guidance Approach:

One of my strengths as a supervisor is the ability to apply multiple therapeutic lenses to any given case. This means I can help you experiment with different ways of working and conceptualizing, and help you apply the approaches that feel like the best fit for you, as a clinician. In addition to supporting the development of your own clinical perspective, I teach and supervise using the model I developed, Compassionate Authenticity.

The Compassionate Authenticity model developed organically out of my therapeutic work with clients.  Time and time again, with alarming consistency, I found myself sitting with clients (and friends, and family members, and myself) who reported silencing or adjusting their needs, wishes, desires, and feelings in the name of taking care of others, or being who they thought they were “supposed” to be.  But the state of flatness, resentment, and disconnection that resulted was certainly not a sign of well-being, nor was it a gift to the people for whom they were presumably shrinking.

scenic view of the forest during sunrise

I began to notice that three particular clinical goals became the recurring themes of my therapeutic work with clients:

  1. Increasing self-acceptance and emotional tolerance, allowing clients to be more fully present with themselves and their internal experience;
  2. Differentiation within significant relationships, allowing clients to become increasingly comfortable with other peoples’ emotional experience without feeling responsible for them; and
  3. Redefining care-taking to support authenticity as a compassionate act.

Compassionate Authenticity is a treatment model that can be used with an eclectic range of clinical modalities, because many approaches to psychotherapy value the journey to authenticity (for example, consider the Humanistic concept of self-actualization, Interpersonal Neurobiologists’ concept of integration, and the Internal Family Systems concept of the core self). 

The model allows you to utilize the techniques that are an authentic fit for you as a clinician, while offering a map to guide the treatment process and deepen your transformative work with clients.

If you are interested in learning more about the Compassionate Authenticity model and how it can be applied to work with clients, please check out my article in the February 2014 (Vol. 29, #1) Special Issue of the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy.  The issue is entitled “Extraordinary Sex Therapy,” and my article is entitled: “Compassionate Authenticity: a Treatment Model for Working with Women with Low Libido.”

What I offer:

Individual supervision:

Clinical supervision to pre-licensed masters and doctoral level clinicians who are building hours for independent practice, and for independently practicing providers interested in clinical and professional development. I am highly available to my supervisees, offering extra phone and written consultation as needed to help you feel confident and comfortable as you develop your private practice.

Group supervision:

Small group discussions, topic explorations, and case presentations.

Continuing Education:

Additional Training on topics of interest to my supervisee group. CE hours available.

Community in the world of private practice:

My supervisees are highly engaged, curious, thoughtful professionals who provide not only excellent services to clients, but a strong network of collegial support to each other.

Teaching the teachers:

I provide supervision and consultation to other supervisors to help them develop effective supervisory skills, confer about complex cases and supervisory relationships, and develop into their own leadership capacities.


I offer workshops and presentations in support of authentic development on a range of topics. Past workshops include:

Tools for Joyful Living: Authentic Motherhood
Tools for Joyful Living: Be Your Authentic Self
Tools for Joyful Living: Down with Resentment, Up with Appreciation
Tools for Joyful Living: Reawaken your Sensual Desire
4-D Wheel: Sexual Healing and Discovery Workshops for Women
4-D Wheel: Reawaken Your Creative Vibrancy
Find Your Authentic Self: A Day of Transformation and Healing
Getting Back in the S*A*K — Sex After Kids
Energy Management for Clinicians

What My Supervisees Say

I had the privilege of working as a supervisee with Dr. Jernigan in the early phases of my counseling career. Her competency, skill and organization as a supervisor made me feel that I was getting the best guidance available. She was able to advise me on both personal and professional issues, which allowed me to come into my own as a therapist, knowing that I had trusted support. As a group facilitator, Dr. Jernigan created a nice balance of ease and structure, holding space and respect for each group member, which created safety and a sense of community. I learned a great deal under her supervision, andI would not hesitate to recommend her as a therapist or as a supervisor.

Tisha M. Shull, LCMHC

I am lucky enough to have been supervised by Lindsay for over 2 years.  Lindsay is a dynamic, vibrant, caring, and very skilled clinician and supervisor. She continually offers new perspectives in my work with clients, as well reminding me to trust my own intuition. I am honored to have had the chance to learn from Lindsay’s passion in supporting profound healing.

Carmen Walker, M.A., NCC

Lindsay is a kind and compassionate supervisor. Lindsay created a safe space during supervision sessions that allowed us to explore our work with clients in an engaging and effective manner. I consistently felt that Lindsay cared not only about us as her supervisees, but about our clients as well. Lindsay’s holistic and humanistic approach to healing demonstrated the integrative lens through which she works and her guidance in this was invaluable. Additionally, Lindsay was always thorough in addressing safety concerns and larger ethical issues that are so imperative to doing good work with clients. I would highly recommend Lindsay as a supervisor!

Adrienne Slusky, LCMHC

I feel very fortunate to have had Lindsay as my supervisor. Her expertise, knowledge, and compassion in the field have made her a significant mentor on my professional path. She inspired me to think of therapeutic methods and interventions that are meaningful and effective. I truly enjoyed the perspectives Lindsay offered, and the ways in which she challenged me to think in new directions, and develop my therapeutic style. I feel more confident as a counselor, with both individuals and couples, after working with Lindsay. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Caroline O., M.A.

I love working with Lindsay. She magically imparts the expansive effects of curiosity and wonderment such that her confidence and ease enlivens and empowers my own confidence and ease. Time with Lindsay is a contribution to Soul.

Sabrina Lorah, Ph.D.

I had several supervisors before finding Lindsay.  It was difficult for me to find a good fit with someone who was progressive, insightful, authentic, direct, open and knowledgeable in my area of focus.  Lindsay is a pleasure to work with, sets/maintains clear boundaries with graceful respect, is inspiring and a terrific communicator.  I feel heard, supported and challenged to grow at every meeting.  She is worth the investment of time, money and even the 50 minute drive!!  So grateful to have found her!!!!

Suzanne Mancinelli, M.A.

Lindsay is the best supervisor I have had. I’m able to be vulnerable with her while also feeling that she trusts me and my work. She’s brilliant and continuously opens my eyes to my blind spots. And she does all this with a lot of compassion. I highly recommend her!

Claire Diamond, M.A.

Lindsay brings both warmth and wisdom to the supervising experiencing, providing a perfect balance of heartfelt encouragement and insightful suggestions. I feel both challenged and supported as I work to deepen my practice under her gentle guidance.

Mark Nash, M.S., NCC