Reboot is a series of engaging, self-paced e-courses designed to offer guided professional support on-demand. All courses are roughly one-hour, and are divided into several short episodes. They all include digital and audio downloads that you can work through on your own time to deepen your learning and actively engage your own growth process.

The first e-course in the series, Resilience, is designed for individuals looking for immediate mental health support, and for organizations looking for a mental health resource for their greatest commodity: their people.

Whether you need help yourself or for a loved one, or want to support your clients, patients or personnel, I am eager to share Resilience with you! In this course, I teach about the importance of a full and robust emotional range; I offer guidance in recognizing and understanding depression and anxiety; and I teach concrete skills you can use to empower yourself to start feeling better. I also debunk the most common myths that block people from getting the help they need and deserve; myths like “I should be able to do this alone” and “maybe it’s all in my head.”